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CMG Delivers STCW Train the Trainer to Panama Canal Authority, CENTRO SIDMAR

Date line: 2 October, 2009

CMG Train the Trainer SIDMAR 2 OCT 2009Carlisle Maritime Inc., (CMG) recently conducted a STCW 95 40-hour Train the Trainer program at the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) CENTRO SIDMAR training facility. The course was presented between 28 SEPT and 2 OCT, 2009. 13 attendees participated. The attendees were made up of SIDMAR staff instructors and other ACP training departments. The attendees are responsible for the training of ACP personnel.

CMG’s STCW Train the Trainer:
The course has been recognized by the National Maritime Center (NMC) and meets International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) Model Course 6.09 2001 Edition, Training Course for Instructors, The International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers, 1978, as amended (STCW 95) Section A-1/6; Training and Assessment and; NVIC 6-97; Guidelines on STCW Qualified Instructors and Designated Examiners.

CMG provided (2) Qualified Instructors to SIDMAR and its attendees; John Carlisle, founder of CMG expalins why: “We felt that a class size of 12 or more students requires the extra instructor. This is a demanding course to teach. The Lead Instructor handled most of the chalk talk and in-depth lecturing that covers the central topics of Adult Learning, while our second Qualified Instructor covered the use of modern Teaching Aids, such as Distance Learning, Virtual Whiteboards, effective use of the Internet, newer and improved technologies for slide presentations and the use of props in the classroom. A second instructor also serves to bring a variety of teaching styles to the attendees; they see first-hand how different instructors deliver Learning Objectives.”

According to attendee feedback, a strong and informative program was delivered. A senior at SIDMAR commented that, “The Train the Trainer brought to us was taught by Master Mariners and the course had a maritime foundation.  During the course, we talked about  competency-based training of mariners. Some of the attendees are from other ACP departments. These attendees learned about communicating effectively in our maritime realm.”

Teamwork, pride and enthusiasm can be seen in the faces of the attendees. Visit Carlisle Maritime Group

Visit Carlisle Maritime Group


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