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Nation’s Leading USCG Examination Preparation

Dateline: Friday 4 December 2009

Carlisle Maritime Group (CMG) has entered into an agreement with Mid Atlantic Maritime Academy of Norfolk, VA (MAMA) to deliver regularly scheduled USCG Examination Preparation.

CMG has been preparing USCG License candidates since 2000. CMG’s pass rate speaks for itself at 98%.

Mid Atlantic Maritime has ad-hoc staff enrolled in the National Maritime Center’s (NMC) Merchant Mariner Credentialing Program. This on-going unique initiative enables Mid Atlantic to provide the mariner advocacy and assistance in preparing for licensure, and many other elements in Career Path Assistance. Learn more about the Merchant Mariner Credentialing Program:

CMG will be supporting Mid Atlantic’s Operational and Management Level STCW License Candidates. (2) separate programs are offered to the student. One course prepares only Original Third Mate/500/1600 candidates and the second course prepares Chief Mate/Master and Raise in Grade candidates.

Mid Atlantic is calling its new program, Career Advancement Program (CAP). The first Original Third mate CAP begins 1 February 2009.  Mid Atlantic has scheduled a  CAP for May, 2010.

The course(s) are instructor-led and last 4 weeks followed by USCG testing either at Mid Atlantic Maritime (to be determined) or at a Regional Exam Center of the candidate’s choice.

CAP is a formal 8-hour a day program. All required study materials are provided to the student. Call Mid Atlantic Maritime Academy for more information: | (757) 464-6008
nation’s leading USCG Examination Preparation Program.


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