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Mauritius: Why We Need a Maritime Strategy in the Indian Ocean…

Nad Sivaramen, 11 June 2010

Port Louis — Navin Ramgoolam recently underlined the interplay between maritime safety and security (MSS) and the development in the sub-region. Mauritius could now use the Indian Ocean Commission to conduct an audit of the maritime capacities of the Indian Ocean, so as to better engage international stakeholders.

Piracy costs around 250 million US dollars per year and more and more, it is affecting the economies of the Island States of the Indian Ocean. During the 25th Africa-France Summit, held in Nice on May 31, Dr. Navin Ramgoolam, very rightly pointed out that “piracy has led to an increase in the cost of insurances which in turn is translated into a rise in the price of our imported goods”. He called for an increased collaboration between Mauritius and France in order to fight this growing maritime phenomenon both countries are already combining efforts through the Indian Ocean Commission. Mauritius is now presiding over the sub-regional organization and one can expect an increased focus on the nexus between maritime safety and security and the development in the sub-region.

In the same line, India is also discussing greater security and economic cooperation with Seychelles. India has been implementing a more intimate security grid with the Maldives, Mauritius and Seychelles as these countries are vulnerable in the absence of maritime domain awareness and adequate firepower.


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  fred941 wrote @

Every ocean and ecosystem needs its advocates. To insist that best practices be employed by those seeking to extract its resources. We’d like international commerce to continue, over the much longer term than quarterly balance sheets. Regulation is sorely needed, and it is a pity that the Democratic majorities in the USA are being “New Democrats” of the 1990’s, instead of exciting Democrats of the 21st century. There is lots of exciting technology to share that can extend the life of our planet, and our jobs on the seas.

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