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Carlisle Maritime wins STCW Course online Certification

Cape Cod, MSTCW courses from home!A USA

Carlisle Maritime Group (CMG) is pleased to announce it has won National Maritime Center (NMC) certification approval for the nation’s first STCW Management Level online course. The online course is called, “Ship Management and Emergency Response”. The course is specifically designed for Management Level mariners wishing to earn a Chief Mate/Master license and STCW; however, anyone interested in maritime ship management can take the course. The online course is roughly 1/3 the cost of the classroom version.

CMG’s courses are on an encrypted, SCORM-compliant Learning Management System (LMS). The practical portion of the course can be taken at a CMG partnering facility; this entails undergoing assessment on a full/part task bridge simulator; CMG is proud to announce that Marine Safety International (, of Rhode Island is a partnering facility. The Global Maritime and Transportation School (, located at Kings Point has joined in bringing this affordable and effective training to mariners. More partnering facilities will be announced.

The online course is “blended” in that trainees take the asynchronous portion of the course online anywhere at their own pace; the trainees are required to attend a one-day face-to-face assessment/final written examination period at a CMG partnering facility. Upon completion of the one-day visit to the partnering facility, CMG issues to the trainee the Certificate of Completion; that certificate will be honored by any REC towards the issuance of a STCW license.

I’m a hawsepiper and I want to take STCW courses online
Should you, or your Training Facility require online OICNW and Management Level courses, contact CMG today.

Carlisle Maritime Group, Inc.
Certified STCW Online Training
P.O. Box 311 • Barnstable, MA 02630
PH: + 508.362.2341



  gkikas kostas wrote @

it is very good for seamen family
to take lessons ,,

  carlislemaritime1 wrote @

It is good when the mariner can work from home. Maybe he appreciates the learning more. I think also, “apprenticeship” on board the ships will come back.

  Nick wrote @

Do non mariner can submit to that training? What is the duration? What are the outcomes? I red on your previous post that ”apprenticeship on board the ships will come back”.Does that mean you will recommend the successfull student for a direct on board embarkment once the certificate granted?

  carlislemaritime1 wrote @

Hello Nick: anyone can take the course. It is certified by USA for USA officers, so mariners can qualify for USA License and STCW document. The student has 9 months to finish the online course. The cost of the course is $500USD. Upon completion of the online portion of the course, the student visits a CMG partner facility and negotiates his.her own price for the 1-day assessment service, provided by the partnering facility. The cost of the CMG online course is estimated to be 1/3 the cost of the classroom version of the course, given standard tuition rates and travel/lodging expenses. Students are encouraged to ask their preferred training facility, if the facility will provide the 1-day assessments. CMG does not make recommendations to shipping companies. CMG simply offers this training that is certified for USA officers. However, anyone can take the course. I hope I have answered your question. Good luck in your career. Smooth Sailing!

  Nick wrote @

Thank you for your concise reply. As you mentioned ”It is certified by USA for USA officers”, I’m a little bit confused what about non USA officers (people of other nationality)? are they allowed for submission?

  carlislemaritime1 wrote @

Hello Nick: yes, anyone from anywhere can take the course. However, only USA officers receive credit for the course towards USA license/STCW. However, any country’s Maritime Authority MAY accept the course toward their own STCW process. Contact your Maritime Authority and ask them if they will accept this course as meeting requirements. Because the course is certified by USA Maritime Authority, your country may give you credit for taking the course.

  Eriberto Ruiz wrote @

Hello, My name is eriberto ruiz, instructor in pentagon maritime foundation inc. in the philippines, teaching STCW courses. What are the deffirence of the courses offered in John Carlisle than the courses offered in training center in the Philippines?

  carlislemaritime1 wrote @

Hello Eriberto:

Thank you for visiting CMG. CMG is currently offering an online STCW Ship Management course, certified by the USCG. This course meets the requirements of the STCW95, in its content. The course is probably very similar in content to other similar courses. The big difference is CMG’s Ship Management course is available online, as opposed to the classroom version. And, CMG’s course is much, much cheaper in tuition. So, the big difference between our schools is that your courses are in the classroom, and CMG’s one course is online. I hope we have answered your question.

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