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CMG crosses N. Pacific and Bering Sea


Historic Crossing for a Mega Yacht: Dorothea III (formerly, Marco Polo)

Late June 2014, Carlisle Maritime joined a mega yacht crew on a historic crossing. The trip is unusual in that the mega yachts rarely cross from Japan to Dutch Harbor, no matter the time of year. And what is more, a 40 ft. tender was towed. The voyage was over 3,000 miles and took 12 days. The weather window was perfect. This is a tribute to the captain, John Crupi and his First Mate, Jen Mosley; the savings in time and fuel were substantial, and the gambit got the yacht into pristine Aleutian and Alaskan regions the owner will enjoy. Under John’s leadership, Dorothea III has been circumnavigating the globe since 2012.

Mentoring: the professional full-time crew are young and always learning, as we do. We were able to interact and mentor these young mariners. They watched us make collision avoidance decisions, conduct voyage planning, and learned why we make certain decisions. In turn, we learned from the crew how mariners sail and operate private yachts.

Captain Crupi spares no expense in training his crew; the engineer and deckhand are taking STCW courses and pursuing license advancement. CMG will sail with Captain Crupi and Jen anywhere anytime!

Dorothea III in Panama, 2014

Dorothea III

Captain Crupi is seen in the yellow foul weather jacket.



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