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Welcome to Carlisle Maritime Group (CMG)

Welcome to our Blog. Watch for interesting articles and stories by and about life as a ship’s officer aboard box ships and tankers.

Carlisle Maritime Group (CMG) specializes in the support of Expert Witnesses that require IMO/Class approved full mission simulation. CMG brings total full mission simulation to the client; the client is no longer tied to an expensive simulator. All simulation can include environmentals, ECDIS Track/ARPA/Vessel Controls and more. CMG uses a variety of internationally recognized simulation vendors. CMG can provide expert modeling.




  frank wrote @

You want to know about life at sea? I’ve been reading these fun novels by Brian Calliston. Start with, “Trapp’s War”. Calliston is a former British merchant marine. His stories are fun. They remind me of the Flashman books or Travis Magee books.

  carlislemaritime1 wrote @

These are excellent novels. Yes..Brian Calliston. Good stuff.

  carlislemaritime1 wrote @

Oops… is Brian Callison.
Here are his books:

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